WordPress Plugin Update – If it does not work

RazielKanos30. July 2020

2 min read

WordPress Plugin Update? Can gladly go wrong

Of course, almost every plugin has an update from time to time. WordPress offers a very comfortable update function, but sometimes there are problems. Often it is the case that plugins are installed on hundreds if not thousands of websites, and that the problem is not necessarily the plugin. In about 84% of the cases WordPress leads the error is due to the local installation.

In this article we explain what you can do with the WordPress Plugin Update, so that the updates or new installations still work.

Disable other plugins

It is often the case that other plugins prevent a WordPress plugin update. This can happen if plugins use the same resource library. To avoid these errors, simply disable all plugins, especially cache plugins can cause problems!

If you have turned off all plugins, try to install them again. If this works, you can switch on all plugins again and see if there are problems. Usually this is not the case.

Overwrite with Installation-Zip

Since version 5.5.1 WordPress offers the possibility to overwrite existing plugins via ZIP upload. Just install the archive as usual. After the upload WordPress will inform you about the different version numbers and ask you if you want to activate the newer version.

Delete plugins

However, sometimes even overwriting does not work. In this case you should go to the plugin overview, and delete the plugins you are trying to update from the WordPress installation by clicking on the delete button, then you can try a new WordPress plugin update.

FTP Delete

If this also fails, there may be an authorization problem. In this case you should try to delete the folders of the plugin via FTP. If you don't have a FTP program for this, you can also install the plugin WP File Manager. With it you can access the file system directly from WordPress via FTP. But be careful, here you can really do a lot of damage!


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