Why the Marketing AI is bullshit

RazielKanos6. August 2021

2 min read

Ads for advertisement AI's are pretty common on Facebook currently.

marketing ai

I literally just had to open Facebook and instantly had this ad in my face. People claiming that an AI or a Robot typed their text for their ads…

Somehow it was clear to me, that if the end due to AI is coming it wouldn't be as cool as Arnold the Terminator, but as boring as Bob the Marketing Robot -.-..

Ad best these ads are misleading, at worst they are blatantly a scam! But you are currently not sure about why that might be?

I'm glad you asked, because here is all you need to know about Marketing AI's and why they are bullshit!

Why Marketing AI is not an AI

First of all, what you get sold as an AI never is a real AI. We are currently as far away from creating the first real AI as we are from entering Hyperspace. It may take hundreds if not thousands of years for humans to create the first real AI.

What you get sold, is an algorithm. A "self teaching algorithm" so to say. How do they work? well by reading what other humans wrote, and than trying to copy that style. Algorithms have nothing to do with creativity. They don't know what they are writing about, they just copy texts they read and try to put them in context.

So when it comes to computers and languages, I let Mister Tom Scott himself tell you something about them. Enjoy: (It's just 4 minutes…)

What no Marketing AI can do

Texts in Marketing should trigger emotions. How should a computer program know what emotions are, or what might trigger them? That's simply not possible!

What these companies offer to your is access to an Open AI they haven't even developed themself. Open AI can be used by everyone, but it will never be really useful or as competent as YOU are on your own.

Put your money in a writing course, learn to write great texts yourself. It's much cheaper and WAY more beneficial. In these AI SAAS services you will just burn your money.

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