What is the best image compressior on the web?

RazielKanos14. March 2020

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Images on the website are extremely important. If you want the pictures to be used successfully it makes sense to use your own photos. The problem is that if you are not familiar with your image editing tool, you will generate very large images. By large I don't mean the pixel size like 1920 x 1080 but the kilobyte a picture is worth. If the images on your website are too large, the page will take too long to load at your readers. Especially for mobile use the loading time to desktop PC's is significantly longer.

The solution to the problem is image optimization services. Here you simply upload your image, and a tool on the server calculates all unnecessary data from the image, so that the dimensions remain the same, but the kilobyte number is reduced accordingly. So it makes a lot of sense to use these services! However, there are countless providers on the market, which one is best to use?

An enormous number of gurus will recommend short pixels at this point, but is this really because of the high quality of the service, or rather because of the 50% profit sharing that an influencer earns per contract generated through him?

What does Affiliate mean for you as a consumer?

Affiliate marketing is based on a cycle. As an influencer, I introduce a product to you – and of course I praise it! Why else should I introduce the product? You, as my reader, buy the product now, and the producer gets money from you. But because I have recommended the product to you, a certain percentage goes to me as well.

With physical products, this remains within a manageable range. If you buy a toaster for 20 Euro, and I get 8% of it, it is only 1,60 Eur. Most people don't care if the toaster would have cost 20 Euro or 18,40 Euro. There is no real "damage" for you.

With digital products, however, margins of 50 or even 75% are sometimes possible. Whether the toaster costs 10 or 20 euros, THIS makes a difference! The losses incurred by the affiliate are included in the price by the manufacturer – that means YOU always pay on top!

Are affiliate offers credible?

If I, as an influencer of product A, get 10 Euros per referred customer, but only get 5 Euros per new customer from product B, and product C pays me nothing at all per new customer – which of these products will I probably recommend to you as my reader?

That's right, product A, because I would have the highest profit here, and I want to live on something. So my supposedly "free" tip earns me money, which you then pay for – without even noticing.

That's why I took the trouble to create a small test scene myself to check all the recommendations of the website, WordPress and marketing gurus.

Spoiler: I got a different result 😉

My Test

I created a picture myself for testing – so I did not take it. Now I offered this image to different services for compressing, with quite different results. In this article I introduce all service providers, and show what was done with my image. I have tested the following services:

  • Shortpixel
  • Compress PNG
  • Compressor.io
  • IloveIMG
  • Tiny PNG

The Original

This is my original – as it was saved from Photoshop. The image has the following values:

  • File type: image/png
  • File size: 912 KB
  • Dimensions: 600 by 800 pixels

The dimension, 800 x 600 pixels, will not change during the test, but the file size will fluctuate considerably.



File size: 256 KB


File size: 902 KB


File size: 256 KB

Optically I can't see any differences in all 3 images, but in the kilobyte size you can almost forget the Loosless option. Nobody needs a saving of roughly 1%. The other two options are ok.

Pricewise Shortpixel comes along with a subscription plan, but also offers a one-time payment. For this you get "credits" which you use up bit by bit. You can see the exact prices on the website. By the way: Shortpixel pays an affiliate bonus of 50%.


iLoveIMG with its performance of 262 kb is the worst service in the test, but also the cheapest. But on the site you get not only an image compressor, but a real set of tools. From watermark to meme generator, you can get everything, and with 6 Euro per month or 48 Euro per year it is quite a bargain.

iLoveIMG offers however also 2 free offers and has here with 130 MB for the processing an unbeatable offer. Qualitatively the picture is also ok I think there is not much to do wrong.

File type: image/png

File size: 262 KB

Dimensions: 600 by 800 pixels

At iLoveIMG I have found no affiliate offer on the site.


compressor.io is actually completely free. But you are welcome to make a donation via Paypal. The limit per file is 10 MB, but you can only upload one file at a time. This can be quite annoying when you upload a picture series.

compressor.io is on place 2 in the test with only 243 kb and that with a completely free service I find amazing.

If you only want to process a small amount of images, compressor.io is the right choice!

File type: image/png

File size: 243 KB

Dimensions: 600 by 800 pixels

Compress PNG

Compress PNG is also a completely free service. You can upload up to 20 pictures at the same time, but unfortunately I couldn't find a description of how big the files can be.

Compress PNG came in 3rd place in my test, which also surprised me. 2 completely free services outperformed the payment service Shortpixel, even though Shortpixel is always recommended?

File type: image/png

File size: 252 KB

Dimensions: 600 by 800 pixels

Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG offers 20 files of 5 MB each free of charge, and with 229 kb has outshone all other services. The Pro version costs 25 Euro per year, which makes TinyPNG the cheapest of the payment services – and still the best service!

I myself have been using Tiny PNG for years and pay the 25 Euros for it. In return I can upload as many pictures as I like with a maximum file size of 25 MB. Tiny PNG also offers a Photoshop plugin for 50 Euro.

File type: image/png

File size: 229 KB

Dimensions: 600 by 800 pixels


Finally I would like to present all versions in order of size. The screenshot is from my Windows, so the file sizes are rounded, but you can still see who the clear winner is.

So if you want to optimize your image on the web, I can only recommend Tiny PNG. What I found exciting in my test was that the top dog who is most recommended was the only provider with an affiliate, and the second worst. In the slider I have all pictures again, so you can wipe through them to hunt for quality differences… Have fun with 😉

Still questions?

Just throw me a line here, and I will see if I can help you 🙂

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