What are WordPress Web stories?

RazielKanos1. August 2021

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Every now and than there is something new, that is interesting enough to cause am impact. This happened quite some time ago, when Google announced the so called Web stories. Inspired by Instagram and other social media networks these special post types now also can be used by websites, which is a huge win for all webmasters and content creators.

On Facebook and Instagram people share more than 500 Million Stories each day! But those have to be treated differently than the web stories – well… kind of… But what are these "Web stories"? What can you do with them, and how do they benefit your WordPress page?

I'm glad you asked!

Here is all you need to know about Web stories!

What are WordPress Web stories ?

As you know, in WordPress you have different post formats. You have posts, for your blog posts which need to be shown on dynamically generated pages. You have pages, that get used to present static information. And now you also will have WordPress Web stories as their own new post type. Unfortunately WordPress doesn't support stories on it's own by default, so you currently also need an extra plugin to create a web story for your website.

What are WordPress Web stories used for ?

Web stories are used to feed small bits of content to your page visitors, step by step. Thank to the swiping nature they are very dynamic and entertain much more than a standard blog post.

The main difference you have to stories from the social media networks is that your web stories stay as long as you want, and that way can have a positive SEO benefit for your website. Using web stories is a very important way to boost your SEO – how you can do that, we will explain in another article.

How can you create WordPress Web stories ?

To create a webstory you currently need a plugin. In a far future there might be the possibility that WordPress will support web stories on it's own, but who wants to wait for that?

Web stories by Google

The guys at Google created their own WordPress plugin for your web stories, you can find it here. Is as simple as it can be, just download the plugin, and start working in it. As of the time when I am writing this article it currently has about 20k installs, so it's not THAT common yet, but it will soon rise in interest, so you better join this party sooner than later.

Web stories by Brizy

As far as I know Brizy is the first WordPress Page editor that offers an integrated Web stories editor as well. It's amazing how these guys don't squeeze the shit out of this benefit – but who listens to my Marketing advises anyway… *rolleyes*

You even get the web stories editor in the freaking FREE version! So go and grab Brizy in the WordPress repository!

How to use WordPress Web stories

Web stories are not your Instagram Social media crap, so you should think a bit about what you want to add to your story. A web story shouldn't be too short, but also not too long, since you don't want to bore your readers.

Once you created a web story, no matter if it's done with the Google plugin or with Brizy, you get a post URL like for any blog post you create. This is the URL you now can share on social media. Please remember that currently Google does not guarantee that your Web stories are getting indexed, so you have to do 2 addition steps if you want to benefit from your story.

Add it into a Post

Google suggest to add a story directly beneath the post title. If you are using Gutenberg and the Google Plugin you even get a Web stories shortcut you can now add. More on how you can add web stories to your posts in the tutorial video…

Trigger the indexation by hand

What I would suggest, go and log into your google webmaster tools console, and paste your stories URL there to add it to the manual indexation process. Currently Google seems to be shy to promote the web stories in the search results, but it's just a question of time when this will start, and if it does – you want to have your web stories done and ready 🙂

Check also our posts about how Web stories can benefit your SEO, and our tutorial on how to use them! If you have questions about the stories, feel free to post them in the comments!

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