Fixing Text Blocks in ACF/ Pods for Brizy

RazielKanos18. November 2021

2 min read

If you ever worked with brizy and dynamic content you might have run into the issue, that brizy shows content from a plain text line correct, but if you want to use a text field, you run into issues. The text color does not fit, also al styling gets completely ignored. Since I was digging into Brizys CSS behavior lately, it came to my mind, that the tags used by the text field might not be recognized. Don't ask me why it works with the text line…

The solution to fix this was pretty simple – add your own styling, and it works. But here we run into 2 problems:

Problem 1: Users

Not every user can write CSS code to style their content, and it's annoying as shit to do it, so tying all by hand was no option, but there we have problem two…

Problem 2: Gutenberg

Since the implementation of Gutenberg, you have trouble if you want to use TinyMCE. You can forcefully turn off Gutenberg, than TinyMCE works again, but Gutenberg is down. If you want to use them both at the same time, you need to do something…

Plugins to the rescue

I won't bore you with details how i came to this conclusion. Let say i tried a lot of things from custom codes, up to changes in the functions.php. The Most obvious solution came to me – as usually – as the last thing to think about. But this is WordPress, right? There is a Plugin for EVERYTHING!

Meet: Advanced Editor Tools

This tool does not only come with a very bloated banner image (shout out to the bloat fan boys!) it even is produced by automatic themselfs. They claim it will fix "most" issues you have when you try to run TinyMCE and Gutenberg together. It is a complete riddle to me, why they don't add this feature directly into WordPress, but yeah… here we are…

You can download the plugin directly from the WordPress repository if you look for the name, or you can follow this link. Have fun using your ACF and Pods the proper way 😀


Let me know in the comments if you ran into other issues with dynamic content, so i can see if I can find a similar simple solution 😀

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